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Emissary of Darkness by Scumdog47
Emissary of Darkness
The Emissary of Darkness from the Albion-campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
A myserious, and assumed villainous being, usually in charge of leading various evil and chaotic troops for that campaign but far from always.
His (it's?) purposes were enimgatic to say the least.

I went for a primitive, savage look in tune with the mood of the campaign. Hopefully I pulled it off.
Warduke by Scumdog47
Way back in the 1980's, there was a cartoon show called Dungeons and Dragons, based very very loosely on the RPG of the same name.
In that show there was an evil warrior/bounty hunter named Warduke who, to my knowledge appeared in a single episode only.
In a toy-range associated with the TV-show there was also an action figure of Warduke.
Just like Boba Fett, this guy became an instant fan-favourite despite his minute amount screen time and (likely) because of his cool looks.

I kit-bashed a miniature of him, using 3 different plastic Chaos Warriors from Warhammer Fantasy Battles, a Chaos Marauder for the same game and the "wings" on his helmet comes from a Night Lords helmet by Forgeworld, intended for Warhammer 40000.
Mira the Reckless by Scumdog47
Mira the Reckless
A mini for the game Confrontation by now-defunct Rackham.
The heroine in question is indeed reckless, as her name implies, seeing as her armour only covers her back and arms while chest and stomach are merey "protected" by a poorly laced bodice.
Blood Axe Boss by Scumdog47
Blood Axe Boss
An old Ork Boss (or Nob, for Noble) of the Blood Axe ork klan.
I didn't use the garish "cammo" from late 1st Ed. Orks, but opted for a more sinister, "fascistoid" look.

The mini is fairly static but quite cool and mean looking. Detailed enough to be a little bit challenging, but not enough to frustrating to paint.
Ogre Mutant by Scumdog47
Ogre Mutant
An ogre mutant, sculpted by Jes Goodwin.
Quite an old mini, intended for 2nd Edition Warhammer.
The pose is far from dynamic but it was fast and easy to paint.
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  • Drinking: Coke
I'll be away for a while.
Back in a few days.


Daniel Karlsson
Current Residence: Sweden
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite photographer: Leni Riefenstahl
Favourite cartoon character: Marv from Sin City

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Hey mate,

Thanks so much for the watch, it really means a lot! ^^
That magic tower is an awesome setting for your minis btw #1 
Scumdog47 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016
It belongs to a friend. Also the same guy who takes the photos. That magic circle frames the mini nicely, though. :)
Alpha-Goblin Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016
I agree, ^^
Jimma1300 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2016   Digital Artist
Say, what would a good weakness be for a character with water powers? 
Scumdog47 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2016
Not necessarily heat, but dry air would probably reduce their powers a bit.
Example: Mars is hella cold, but it's not lack of air or the cold that'd kill you first, but rather the utter lack of moisture in the already thin atmosphere would damage your lungs and kill you.
So someone with water powers would become equally weaker in the heart of the Sahara as well as that ice-free plain in Antarctica. No moisture in the air causes evaporation in a hurry.
Jimma1300 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2016   Digital Artist
This is for my OC Aquaria 
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